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Those to Taught Master Sam


L.D. Bell High School
Martial arts Club/Gm Tham

Nuts and bolts of Dr Sam training 

A lot of Master Sam's training came from his Father was a brown belt in Judo and a red belt in Tang Soo Do - Later he transitioned to Tae Kwon Do under GM Chviez and GM Jorge.


Dr. Sam's mother Paid Gm Chviez for Dr. Sam's lessons when he was 5 years old. GM Chviez trained him well starting his official journey in Martial arts.   

After moving to Hurst, Tx Master Sam attended L.D. Bell High School. There were a lot of Asian Teens his age. Seeing they were Martial artists, Master Sam assembled a training before School and was permitted by the school's administration. There Master Sam taught and learned Martial Arts. Some of the Teens attending were Asian and trained by Their Advance family members. Master Sam with his advance kicking like Bruce Lee was sought after by the other eager-to-learn students.  Master Sam at the time wanted to learn Kung fu and Jeet Kune Do the way of the Intercepting fist and Wing Chug. The students taught Master Sam those and others and Master Sam taught them. Learning advanced movements and building on his background from Gm Chivies and His father's training while actively training under GM Jeorge , Master Sam flourished in his training with his fellow High School classmates.


Master Sam keep training on what he knew even after high school. Going from Dojang and dojo Master Sam introduced himself and trained with them. One of the schools was 5 Elements Martial Arts of Keller Texas in 1998 there he learned from them and taught them. 



Later Master Sam Enlisted in the Marines and Learned Marne combat training and Marine Martial Arts.  Master Sam trained in Shotokan Karate on base. He later was stationed in Okinawa Japan where he taught Special Forces and other military personnel. He trained in Okinawa Karate while stationed there also. After getting out of the Marines. He met up with Arlington Mma.  Where he trained under Chan, Tham Pham, and Dr. Grandmaster Bruce Foster. There he taught Masters and they taught him. GM Tham took notice of Master Sam and polished his martial arts and tested him in the styles he had trained in. Thus presenting Dr. Sam with many certifications he was missing. Mostly what he already knew but could never find an official Master to test him while correcting him and filling him in on concepts and philosophy. Gm Tham did all that and more for Dr. Sam. GM Tham trained in the Shaolin temple as well as is a high-ranking Master of the World Asian Martial Arts School which is a modern traditional MMA school overseas. Without GM Pham Master Sam would have never gained his certification. Huge thanks to the Students that taught him making him an extremely well-rounded multi-blackbelt.

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