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Tiny Dragons learn anti-kid-napping and safety awareness.  Students also learn Fire safety, discipline, respect, honesty, courtesy, perseverance and self-control.










Women's self-defense is offered at a dynamic level and taught with raiser sharp precision.  Women learn anti-rape tactics and what to do if your hair is grabbed. 

Each student will be learning the same information and techniques, However, each student learns information indicative to facilitate each student's needs and goals and their drive to learn.


A.I.O.K.M.A. Teaches W.T. Olympic tae kwon do, I.T.A. based tae kwon do.  We learn aerial flips, kicks, rolls and dive rolls, throws/sweeps, and how to recover safely from them, we also learn wrist locks and throws and how to escape from them. Students also learn how to escape from any grappling moves or UFC techniques.  We teach computation and real-world techniques and define the line so that students know what techniques or flash and show and entertainment or sports and witch or real-world defenses. 

Tiny Dragons

Women Self-defense /cardio kick boxing

All Learn

Men's Defend Your Self

Black belt Promotions 

All programs cover advanced techniques such as self-defense against chokes holds, grabs, locks, falls trips, all strikes, and all kicks.  It also covers defense against basic weapons attackers use today.










Three certified black belt promotions one by the World Black Belt Burrow and also Kukkiwan certification and Black Lotus Martial Arts Society are certified by well-known organizations. We can also test 10th and below black belts In ALLSystems.  Call For testing!










Beginners Martial Arts Class
Boxing Session
Tae Kwan Do Children Training
Student getting Black Belt
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